Artists Bio

Noreen Harawa

Noreen Harawa is a self-taught Zimbabwean artist and the Founder of ASK Project Inc., a non-profit organization registered in Fairfax, Virginia, USA. She is also the owner of the ASK Project Art Gallery. Noreen started painting in 2013 to raise money for her nonprofit.

Barry Lungu

Barry Lungu was born in Zimbabwe in 1971. He completed his art training at BAT Visual Art studios in Zimbabwe in 1992. Barry uses his home in Chitungwiza as his studio. His medium of choice is oils, but he often dabbles in acrylics. His environment influences his works, death, politics, retaliation, land and suffering all form influence for his brilliant works. “Black” Color dominates most of his paintings and is either painted on with a palette knife or thick brushes. He calls his technique and individual style “Afro Impressionism” 

Wendy Rosselli 

Wendy Rosselli is a South African artist. She initially studied art at the Johannesburg Technical College, then continued her studies at St. Martins School of Art in London. Oil paint and drawing (graphite and charcoal) are mediums Rosselli has mastered over the years. Her oil paintings on Canvas place focus on nature including trees, flowers and bird life. With Rosselli’s drawings the subject matter is figurative and she specializes in smaller nude drawings.

Sidney Cerqueira

Sidney Cerqueira is an internationally recognized visual arts painter fmrom Guinea Bissau, born in Lisbon on December 16, 1980. His work is widely collected. After experimenting with several techniques, ranging from charcoal, to oils on canvas, Sidney today is the only visual arts painter the former Portuguese-speaking colonies that creates “Spontaneous Realism”, a style created by the renowned Voka. Sidney has held over 63 exhibitions. The most noteworthy include “Dak’art 2014” in Senegal; “Galeria Teatro Municipal da Guarda” in Portugal; “LuxExpo 2014” in Luxemburg; “Camera Legislativa do Distrito Federal” in Brasilia, Brazil; “Vera World Fine Art Festival” in Lisbon; Liquid Art House in Boston, USA; EUAThermes Marins in Monaco; and Gallery at the Piano factory in Boston, USA.

Dave Mathotho 

Dave Muthotho is a Malawian artist who lives in Blantyre. His work can be seen in many hotels in Southern Africa.

Nick Stobart

Nick Stobart is a Zimbabwean/South African artist. He is an acclaimed artist and his paintings are sought after in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Peter Birch

Harold Peter James Birch (1931-2016). Known as Peter Birch. Died at the age of 85. An accomplished artist, art teacher and story teller who was loved and admired by all who came into contact with him. His play on light and color has similarities to that of Turner, an artist whom he admired. back in the UK in 1953, Birch attended the Royal College of Art in South Kensington.

Liz Visser

Elizabeth (Liz) Visser is a Namibian/South African artist. She was born in 1946 in Singapore, and now lives and works in Walvis Bay, Namibia. She has a degree in Fine Art from the University of South Africa, Pretoria. She teaches art at her own studio, Spindrift Art Studio, Walvis Bay, and has taught at the International School at Walvis Bay. She has had several solo exhibitions both in Namibia and South Africa. She has also had group exhibitions at Swakopmund Art Gallery, Walvis Bay Art Gallery and Bank Windhoek Triennale.

Ernest Chiwaridzo 

Ernest Chiwaridzo is Zimbabwean sculptor. He has been sculpting full time since 1979 and prefers using stone as a medium. His work is very distinctive, with exceptionally clean, economical forms and lines being his trademark. His work has risen to new heights of originality and maturity. He has been displayed in Cannes, Barcelona, Auckland, Zurich and Yorkshire.